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Meet the unsung heroes of the audio world – our 3 Pin XLR Male Female Microphone Audio Cable Connectors. More than just connectors, these are your ticket to a world of crystal-clear sound, unwavering reliability, and a touch of audio magic. Whether you're belting out tunes on stage or fine-tuning your latest studio recording, these connectors have your back.

Key Features:

  1. Pro-Grade Connectivity:

    • Crafted with precision, these 3-pin XLR connectors redefine excellence in durability and conductivity.
    • A robust blend of metal and soft rubber ensures a connection that can weather the storm of live performances and studio sessions.
  2. Clean Sound, No Compromises:

    • All copper conductors and reinforced shielding keep pesky outside noises at bay, delivering a sound so clean it's practically squeaky.
    • Flexible PVC jacket and a durable metal housing contribute to dependable performance and reliable strength.
  3. Foolproof Assembly:

    • Innovative design makes assembly a breeze – because who has time for complicated setups? Plug, play, and let the music flow.
    • Ideal for creating custom mic cables or giving your existing ones a well-deserved upgrade.
  4. Universal Compatibility:

    • From studio gear to microphones, amplifiers, and cables, these connectors play nice with all your audio toys.
    • Tailored to snugly fit 6mm OD microphone cables, ensuring a reliable link between your mic and recording equipment.
  5. Built to Last:

    • With a zinc alloy construction, these connectors are the audio equivalent of a tank. Tough, reliable, and ready for anything.
    • Self-locking male-to-female design ensures a stable connection, so you can focus on the music, not the tech.

Technical Specifications:

  • Body: Rubber
  • Housing: Zinc alloy
  • Conductor: Copper
  • Auto-lock: Yes

Package Includes:

  • 10 Pieces XLR Connectors

Versatile Uses:

  1. Studio Recording:

    • Elevate your studio game with these reliable connectors.
  2. Live Performances:

    • Connect your mic to the sound system and let the stage be your playground.
  3. Broadcasting Applications:

    • Trusted and reliable for all your broadcasting needs.
  4. Recording Devices and Karaoke:

    • From home karaoke sessions to professional recording, these connectors have you covered.
  5. Noise-Free Instrument Connections:

    • Connect your instrument to recording equipment for top-notch, noise-free shielding.

Benefits of Our Connectors:

  • Noise Interference Prevention:

    • Say goodbye to unwanted noise interference and hello to pure sound.
  • Secure Connection:

    • Enjoy a stable, uninterrupted audio feed with our self-locking design.
  • Better Sound Quality:

    • A balanced signal for an audio experience that's music to your ears.
  • Reliable Connection:

    • Count on these connectors for a dependable link between your devices.
  • Pro-Level Sound:

    • Because your music deserves to sound as professional as you are.


Specification Our Connectors Others
PVC Shielding Yes No
Auto-Locking Yes No

Upgrade your audio game with our 3 Pin XLR Male Female Microphone Audio Cable Connectors – where excellence meets innovation for a truly unforgettable audio experience. Get your set of 5 pairs now and let the music speak for itself!

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