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20 Pack 3 Pin XLR Male Fema...

For Live Sound and Recording:
  • Perfect for both studio recording and live performances, our XLR microphone cables feature zinc alloy 3-pin connectors.
  • Because your voice deserves to be heard, whether you're in the studio crafting magic or on stage rocking the crowd.

Multi-Layers of Shielding:

  • Our mic cables boast multi-layered shielding, combining an oxygen-free copper conductor with a TPE jacket and durable branding.
  • Say goodbye to unwanted static interference, signal noise, hum, and hello to a world of high-fidelity sound.

Plug and Play:

  • Designed with user-friendliness in mind, our XLR microphone cables are plug-and-play ready.
  • Easily connect your microphone to 3-pin XLR devices without the hassle. The self-locking design ensures a grip as secure as your backup dancers.

Wide Compatibility:

  • Compatible with various connectors, from patch bays and preamps to speakers and microphones.
  • Ideal for stage performances, practice sessions, or any setting where your sound needs to steal the spotlight.

Durable & Long Lasting:

  • Featuring a heavy-duty, flexible rubber and nylon braid jacket, our XLR microphone cables are built to withstand the rigors of your musical journey.
  • Crafted from high-quality and environmentally friendly materials because rocking out shouldn't harm the planet.


  1. 3-Pin Connector:

    • Male-to-female connector with three pins and a zinc alloy construction for secure, uninterrupted audio feeds.
    • Ensuring your voice reaches the audience with crystal-clear precision.
  2. Clean Sound:

    • All copper conductors and reinforced shielding prevent outside noise interference, delivering a pristine, clean sound.
    • Because your music deserves to be heard, not the background hum.
  3. Reliable Strength:

    • Built with a flexible PVC jacket and durable metal housing, ensuring reliable strength and dependable performance.
    • Your cable shouldn't just survive; it should thrive, performance after performance.
  4. Self-Locking Design:

    • The self-locking male-to-female connector design ensures a stable connection between devices with an XLR interface.
    • No wobbles, no interruptions – just a seamless, high-fidelity audio transmission.

Technical Specification:

  • Body: Rubber
  • Housing: Zinc alloy
  • Conductor: Copper
  • Auto Lock: Yes

Package Includes:

  • 20 Pieces XLR Connector

Elevate your sound, own the stage, and let your music roar with our XLR microphone cables. Designed for musicians, by musicians. Get your 20-Pack now and turn every performance into an unforgettable melody. Because when it comes to your sound, we've got you covered!

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