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Elevate Your Mix, Transform Your Sound

Step into the world of professional sound mixing with the MX 6CH DJ Audio Mixer, your ultimate companion for crafting unparalleled audio experiences. This 6 Channel marvel features 5 Mic Mono Inputs and 2 Stereo Inputs, equipped with +48V phantom power to fuel both condenser microphones and wired mics. With Bluetooth, USB, and a digital display, it's a powerhouse of versatility.

Key Features: Your Sound, Your Way

  1. Versatile Channel Configuration:

    • Dive into 5 Mic Mono Inputs and 2 Stereo Inputs for a myriad of audio possibilities.
    • Each channel is armed with +48V phantom power, catering to the needs of both condenser and wired microphones.
  2. Bluetooth, USB, and Digital Display:

    • Embrace the future of connectivity with Bluetooth streaming from mobile devices.
    • The USB input, MP3 compatibility, and digital display add a layer of modern sophistication to your mixing endeavors.
  3. EQ & Fader Control:

    • Fine-tune your sound with precision using Pre Fader & EQ control.
    • Achieve clarity and crispness as you navigate through different frequencies for a customized audio experience.
  4. Multiple Device Input Methods:

    • This DJ Mixer plays well with XLR and 1/4-inch jack inputs, accommodating a range of audio sources.
    • Connect computers, mobile phones, microphones, guitars, and more, ensuring a versatile audio setup.
  5. Secure Packaging:

    • We prioritize the safety of your DJ Mixer. Rigorous packaging standards and high-quality materials guarantee its arrival in perfect condition.

Versatile Features for the Modern DJ: Craft Your Sound

  • PFL/AFL Button:

    • Monitor audio input channels through headphones with a simple press of the PFL/AFL button.
  • XLR Input:

    • Glide through connectivity with the glided XLR input interface, effortlessly linking up with standard XLR plugs.
  • EQ Control:

    • Refine your audio masterpiece with precise EQ control, correcting frequencies for both monitor and maintained outputs.
  • Enhanced DJ Setup:

    • Elevate your DJ performances by mixing and adjusting audio sources with utmost precision.
    • Utilize the EQ control to fine-tune and create unique tracks that resonate with your unique style.

DJ Audio Mixer Specification: Power, Precision, Performance

  • Channel: 6+1
  • Voltage: 110 Volts
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Compatible OS: Android, Windows, iOS
  • Equalization: Low Frequency, Mid Frequency, High Frequency
  • Connector Type: 1/4-Inch Stereo, 1/4-Inch Straight, XLR to XLR
  • Hardware Interface: Bluetooth, 1/4-Inch Audio, USB, 3.5mm Audio, Headphone

Package Information: Elevate Your Mixing Experience

  • 1x DJ Audio Mixer
  • 1x Power Cable

Unleash your sonic brilliance with the MX 6CH DJ Audio Mixer - where music meets precision, and every mix is a masterpiece!

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