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Get ready to silence the noise and amplify your sound with our 6.5mm male-to-male audio cable – the secret weapon for every electric guitar enthusiast. This cable isn't just about connecting; it's about turning up the volume on your musical experience. And don't worry, we've added a touch of humor to make your journey even more entertaining!

🎸 Flexible and Fearless: Crafted from PVC plastic, this cable is softer than a rock ballad and as flexible as a guitar solo. It's resistant to bending, ensuring it follows your lead without missing a beat.

🔌 Gold-Plated Brilliance: The connectors are not just gold-plated; they're the rockstars of the cable world. Thicker, more effective noise reduction, and resistant to the wear and tear of countless insertions and removals. It's like armor for your audio signal.

🌀 Spring into Action: The spring spiral winding at the articulation isn't just for show; it's your cable's superhero cape. Effectively preventing articulation breakage, it adds an extra layer of durability, increasing the cable's service life. Your cable's got moves!

🎶 Copper Core Serenade: Beneath the sleek exterior lies a high-quality pure copper core. It's not just a cable; it's a serenade conductor. Better signal transmission performance, stability that rivals a rock-solid rhythm section, and a tone so mellow it'll make your guitar sing.

🤘 Refuses to Murmur: Say goodbye to unwanted hums and murmurs. This cable is a noise-reducing virtuoso, ensuring that every note you play is heard loud and clear. It's the silent hero your guitar deserves.

🌐 Universal Harmony: From electronic drums to electric bass, this cable plays well with others. Perfect for electronic piano, speakers, mixing consoles, amplifiers, and anything else with a standard 6.5mm audio interface. It's the universal translator of the musical world.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: PVC plastic + metal
  • Type: Guitar Accessories
  • Range: Electric Guitar
  • Weight: 0.5kg
  • Product Name: Black Leather Silver Head with Spring 6.35mm Guitar Effects Connector Cable

Get ready to plug in, turn up, and let the music do the talking. Our Electric Guitar Effects Pedals Connection Cable is not just a cable; it's your ticket to a noiseless, rockstar-worthy performance. Because when it comes to cables, silence is golden, and so is your music!

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