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2 Pieces PA Speaker Stands ...

Product Description: Say goodbye to subpar sound setups and hello to the 5 Core Adjustable PA Speaker Stands. These bad boys are not just stands; they're your ticket to speaker-height nirvana. With easy height adjustment, sturdy construction, and a touch of color personalization, these stands are about to revolutionize your audio game.


  • Adjustable Awesomeness: From 41 inches to a towering 72 inches, our speaker stands are like the Goldilocks of height – not too short, not too tall, just perfect for your speakers.

  • Rock-Solid Stability: Tripod legs with a center brace make wobbles a thing of the past. Our stands can handle up to 132 lbs of speaker weight, ensuring your sound stays where it belongs – in the spotlight.

  • Insert Nirvana: The 35mm compatible insert means compatibility with all speaker types. Whether you're rocking studio monitors, DJ speakers, or PA speakers, these stands have got your back.

  • Easy Peasy Storage: Fold them, pack them, and take them wherever the party is. These stands are as collapsible as your dance moves at 2 AM.

  • Non-Slip Swagger: Designed with non-slip rubber feet, these stands don't just stand; they strut. No slipping, no sliding, just stable sonic swagger.

  • Color Your Sound: At 5 Core, we believe in personalization. Choose your preferred color because your sound setup should look as good as it sounds.

Product Description: Elevate your audio experience with the 5 Core Adjustable PA Speaker Stands. With an adjustable height range from 41 to 72 inches, finding the sweet spot for your speakers has never been easier. The telescoping center column, equipped with secure pin and screw locks, ensures stability that stands the test of time – or rather, soundwaves.

Designed for the stage, studio, or any space that craves exceptional sound distribution, these stands boast equal-length distribution for a rock-solid base. The tension locking mechanism adds an extra layer of stability, making them collapsible for those on-the-go gigs.

And let's talk compatibility – the 35mm insert makes these stands your go-to choice for any audio equipment. Studio monitors, PA speakers, DJ speakers – bring it on!

At 5 Core, we've been delivering top-notch products since 1984, and our Adjustable PA Speaker Stands are no exception. Because when it comes to sound, we don't just hit the right notes; we set the stage.


  • Versatile Vibes: Suitable for studio monitors, PA speakers, DJ speakers – basically anything that needs a lift.

  • Built Like a Tank: Rugged metal construction ensures durability that echoes through the years.

  • Lock It Down: Tension locking mechanism for stability that withstands even the most enthusiastic dance floors.

  • Universal Compatibility: 35mm insert for seamless pairing with a variety of audio equipment.

Product Specification:

  • Adjustability: 41 to 72 inches
  • Color: Black – because classic is always in style
  • Material: Metal – because we don't do flimsy.

Package Includes: 2 x Speaker Stand – because great sound deserves an encore.

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