19 Space Mixer Studio Rack Stand on Wheels By Griffin

This studio equipment rack stand with casters is perfect for today’s modern musician as it is designed for easy access with a unique, versatile design. While the all-steel construction is sturdy and durable, the Griffin 19 Space Mixer Studio Rack Stand on Wheels is also flexible with a top mixer platform mount that should easily hold any mixer or unit that measures up to 36" wide by 27" long by 3" deep. The bottom rackmount features 9 vertical space mounts, and the top platform rackmount supplies 10 space mounts. This studio mixer rackmount stand with casters can also accommodate mixers that are oversized and/or not rack-mountable. Made especially for this unit, two included padding strips may be applied to the top 10 space mounting platform to hold the mixer or unit, and the metal lip located at the end of each arm on the top platform will keep the mixer from sliding down. The maximum recommended mixer size is 36 inches wide by 27 inches long by 3 inches deep. The knobs on each side of the top platform will allow the user to adjust the angle of the top rack mountable mixer platform; it can be adjusted to an entirely flat, level surface or to a slanted angle for easier visibility. This DJ rackmount stand on wheels contains a built-in 19 single space outboard gear rack, perfect for storing outboard gear, amplifiers, or signal processors within easy reach of the mixer or autolocator. Two of the four heavy duty steel casters feature a lockable option to hold the stand in place. The American standard sized rackmount holes fit all standard studio rack gear. 


19 Space Mixer Studio Rack Stand on Wheels Features

  • KEEP YOUR AUDIO GEAR WITHIN ARM’S LENGTH: Store all your outboard gear, amplifiers or signal processors and keep them within easy reach of your autolocator or studio mixer with the help of this heavy duty, all steel 19 space rolling rack mount stand. Its highly versatile design gives you plenty of options to help you arrange your DJ or stage gear according to your needs. Equipped with 4 durable, smooth gliding caster wheels (two are lockable), it is easy to move around safely and effortlessly.
  • ADJUST THE ANGLE FOR MAXIMUM VISIBILITY: The top mixer platform features 10 space mounts and is designed to accommodate any mixer measuring up to 36 inches in width, 27 inches in length and 3 inch depth, or any unit that is oversized or otherwise not easily rack-mountable (up to 175 pounds without casters). Also, the special knobs on each side of the platform allow you to adjust the angle to your preferred position: entirely flat or slanted to allow for easier visibility.
  • 2 PADDED STRIPS FOR ADDED PROTECTION: In order to help you hold your expensive equipment safely in place, we have included two rail strip pads that you can easily apply on the top platform. Together with the metal lips located at the end of each platform arm, they will prevent your mixer from sliding down and guarantee maximum protection from accidents. Specs: Height: 32 inches (when top platform is level) to 37.5 inches (when slanted at maximum angle). Depth: 19.75 inches Width: 24.75 inches
  • SET UP EASILY: The bottom rack mount features 9 space vertical, American standard sized rack mount holes that will easily fit all standard studio rack gear. Included in the pack you will also find a set of 20 standard rack screws (Rackmount screw size is the standard 10-32 thread size), so you can save yourself from last minute trips to the hardware store! The beautiful black finish gives this DJ standing display case a sleek, professional look that is hard to beat.
  • GET IT WITH PEACE OF MIND: Order your premium quality, Griffin 19 Space Mixer Studio Rack Stand on Wheels with peace of mind, knowing that it is backed by a hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year replacement warranty. With nothing to lose, order yours today and equip your studio with the best!



    19 Space Mixer Studio Rack Stand on Wheels Specifications

    • 19 space total
    • 9 space on bottom vertical rails and 10 space on top slanted platform rails
    • Height: 32 inches (when top platform is level) to 37.5 inches (when top platform is slanted at its maximum angle)
    • Total depth: 19 ¾ inches
    • Total width: 24 ¾ inches
    • Mixer top platform width: 21 inches
    • Mixer top platform length: 21 inches
    • Commercial grade steel frame square tubing 1.5 inches x 1.25 inches and crossbar tubing 1.25 inches x 1.25 inches
    • Caster size: 1 inches x ⅔ inches (50 mm x 17 mm)
    • Lip height above top mixer platform: 1 ⅛ inches
    • Height clearance above ground: 3 inches
    • Weight load: 175 pounds (without casters) 110 pounds with casters
    • Gross weight: 19 pounds



    Since 2011 the Griffin brand has been offering high quality snare drums, drum accessories, light stands, dj equipment and other musical, stage and recording equipment at affordable prices. We are a family owned brand in Tyler, Texas, USA. Griffin is operated fully by musicians and djs. From the start we have held onto the belief that high quality equipment doesn't have to come at a high price. We put that belief into practice every day by offering products made with high quality, durable materials that will last a lifetime and sell them at a price you can afford. As a proud American brand, Griffin only authorizes sellers which are based solely in the USA. To ensure product quality Griffin has in-house personnel whose only job is product testing and inspection. Product testing is done on a bi-annual basis as well as randomly during production and later in storage. Whether you're just starting out or it's been so long you don't remember starting, Griffin has a product for you.


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