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8 Pack XLR Microphone Cable by Fat Toad

Get your hands on Fat Toad's 20-foot XLR microphone cable and take your sound to the next level! With a powerful 12-strand copper conductor and 64-strand copper-coated aluminum shielding, you're going to get a clean signal with minimal electrostatic hum. Plus, its low signal resistance makes it super flexible. Don't miss out on this incredible accessory for optimal audio experience – Fat Toad's XLR Microphone Cable!

XLR Microphone Cables Specifications 

  • Each cable is 20 feet long
  • Balanced and Shielded
  • 20 AWG (American Wire Gauge)
  • Flexible Rubber 6 mm Jacket
  • Durable 3 pin XLR Male to 3 pin XLR Female connectors

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