Top pipe Fix for OV-50-Z-APL1300T



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Dear Customer,

Your receiving this packet because you purchased from us in the past 5 months the model #OV-50-Z-APL1300T, which is the Griffin crank up stands with T adapters. We discovered recently that the 4 spot welds on the top circular pipe which is welded to the square steel pipe below it, might break or weaken over time if the loading weight is greater than 40 pounds. So as a safety measure to you and your equipment, we are requiring all previous customers of this product to apply the included JB weld to the spot welds and within the gap holes around the spot welds on the top pipe of both stands.

Once applied, the weld will be much stronger and should not have any risk of breaking thereafter. The process is very quick, easy and does not require any special tools.

If you are currently using the crank up stands, we just ask that you be watchful of the 4 spot welds at the top circular pipe until you make the JB weld application. If you see that the spot welds are starting to crack, then please do not use the stands until you have applied the JB weld pack to the spot welds on both stands. Below is instructions for the application.  If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us back and we will be glad to assist. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Warranty Department- –


  1. Go to - You will see our video instructions there, demonstrating the steps below.
  2. (Optional-but recommended for added strength) Using a drill or impact gun screw the 2 self-tapping screws into the sides as shown in the video.
  3. Stuff the gaps with aluminum foil as shown in the video.
  4. Using one of the enclosed popsicle sticks, mix the J-B Weld according to the package instructions. It is best to mix this on something you can throw away and that is thick enough that the J-B Weld will not soak through. A piece of cardboard works well. If you received the KwikWeld version, mix small amounts at a time because the set time is much faster than regular J-B Weld.
  5. Apply the J-B Weld as shown in the video. It is best to apply one coat and then use a second at least 6 hours later to fill in any remaining gaps. One package is enough for both stands.
  6. Let sit for 24 hours after applying the second coat before use.
  7. Before use, test the strength by ensuring a solid connection from the circular pipe to square pipe is secure. You should feel no separation between both pipes.



Aluminum Foil

2x popsicle sticks

2x self-tapping screws

1x package J-B Weld



For more details on specific JB Weld instructions, see video URL below


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