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Sonor AQ2 14x6 Maple Snare ...

The Sonor AQ2 series was created by a team of experienced designers at Sonor in Germany, utilizing over 150 years of drum-making expertise. Their goal was to offer the renowned Sonor quality at an affordable price point, a challenging task given the high standards they uphold. The new Smart Mounts, featuring a sleek design and efficient functionality, make positioning toms and changing heads effortless. Unlike bulky suspension mounts, the Smart Mount simplifies drum setup and adjustment. The tom arms can be adjusted in all directions, similar to the 600 series hardware. Additionally, the 7-ply maple shell with sharp edges ensures exceptional sound quality. The available lacquer finishes are both beautiful and unique, with the White Marine Pearl wrap being a popular choice for a classic look. Beyond the impressive features of the AQ2 series, the available add-on drums set this line apart from others in this price range. From ultra-portable Martini sets to larger bass drums for a fuller sound, the AQ2

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