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Unleash Your Sound with Style and Stability!

Meet the MS MINI TRI BLK 4 Pack - a quartet of desktop microphone stands that redefine convenience, portability, and stability. Whether you're singing, podcasting, recording, or leading a virtual meeting, these mini wonders have got your sound covered.

Rugged and Stable Design: Say goodbye to mic stands that wobble like a jelly on a plate! Our tripod microphone stand features a rugged design with a lower center of gravity, enhancing stability and preventing unexpected toppling, even in the face of external forces. Adjust it like a pro to find your perfect sound sweet spot.

Convenient to Carry: Your sound doesn't have to stay confined. These desktop mic stands are your ticket to sound freedom. Lightweight, portable, and ready for action, they're the perfect companions for singing, screencasts, studio recordings, podcasts, video chats, meetings, lectures, and everything in between. Let your sound travel with you wherever you go!

Anti-Slip Rubber Feet: Dance around your desk without fear! The three legs of our tripod stand come equipped with anti-slip rubber pads, protecting your floor from scratches and banishing annoying scratch noises during those spontaneous movements.

Lightweight & Foldable: Crafted with precision using an ABS Plastic Base & Metal Shaft, these mic stands are like the superheroes of portability. Foldable legs, adjustable height - they're your lightweight and space-saving audio allies, ready to follow you on every sound adventure.

Unique Microphone Clip: Enter the era of adjustable audio angles! Our desktop tripod microphone stand comes with a specially designed microphone clip featuring an anti-slip feature. It's a match made in audio heaven, compatible with most handheld dynamic microphones in the market. Adjust it up to 180 degrees and set the angle just the way you like it.


Tripod Microphone Stand Features: Symphony of Convenience and Stability!

  • Convenient to Carry: The mini foldable tripod stand is designed for easy portability and storage. It is super lightweight, stable, and collapsible design makes it easy to transport.

  • Wide Application: The desk mic stand is perfect for various settings, such as studio, live broadcasting, podcasting, conferences, schools, stage performances, live streaming, and recording.

  • Perfect Balance: This super stable 3-legged microphone tripod stand is designed to provide exceptional strength and perfect balance.

  • Slip-Resistant: The desk mic stand features anti-slip rubber feet that protect your desk from scratches and ensure no slipping while using the microphone.

Product Specification: Unlock the Technical Symphony!

  • Height: 22cm/8.66"
  • Diameter of Microphone Clip: 4cm/1.67"
  • Base Diameter: 11.5cm/4.53"
  • Base Weight: Approx. 0.24kg
  • Material: ABS Plastic Base & Metal Shaft; ABS Plastic Microphone Clip
  • Color: Black

Package Includes: Your Sonic Entourage!

  • 4x Tripod Microphone Stand
  • 4x Mic Clip

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