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Product Description: Adapt & Amplify

Say hello to the dynamic duo of the audio world – our 2 Adjustable Speaker Stands. Whether you're rocking the stage or perfecting your home studio, these stands are here to adapt and amplify your sound to new heights.

Key Features:

  1. Easy Height Adjustment:

    • Telescoping center column, smoothly adjustable from 40" to 72".
    • Secured with pin and screw locks for a stand that's as reliable as your favorite roadie.
  2. Tripod Leg Design:

    • Sturdy tripod legs with a center brace, providing the stability your speakers crave.
    • Collapsible design for easy transport – because your speakers deserve a vacation too.
  3. 35mm Insert:

    • Compatible with the 35mm insert for all your heavy-duty audio needs.
    • Ideal for loudspeakers, PA speakers, DJ speakers, studio monitors, and more.
  4. Easy Storage:

    • DJ speaker stands that fold effortlessly for compact storage and on-the-go convenience.
    • Perfect for home or professional use – because good music knows no boundaries.
  5. Non-Slip Feet - Color Your Sound:

    • Designed with non-slip rubber feet, ensuring stability while your speakers hit the high notes.
    • And here's the fun part – choose your preferred color because even speaker stands can have a fashion statement.

Premium Speaker Stand - The Pinnacle of Sound Support

Versatile Stand for Speakers - Find Your Stage, Own It!

Adjustable Speaker Stand Description:

Our Adjustable Speaker Stand is not just a stand; it's your sound's best friend. With a telescoping center column that effortlessly adjusts from 40 to 72 inches, finding the perfect height for your speakers is a walk in the park. The sturdy pin and screw locks guarantee a secure setup, while the rugged metal construction ensures these stands are in it for the long haul.

Designed with a tripod leg and center brace, these stands hold up to 132 lbs – the ideal choice for loudspeakers, PA speakers, DJ speakers, studio monitors, and more. The 35mm compatible insert in our Heavy-Duty PA Stand ensures compatibility with all types of speakers, making it the go-to choice for your audio setup.

Features of Adjustable Speaker Stand

  1. Versatile:

    • Stable base for stage or studio use with equal length distribution.
  2. Rugged & Durable:

    • Telescoping center column adjustable from 40" to 72" with pin and screw locks.
  3. Tension Locking:

    • Increased stability with a tension locking mechanism, collapsible for easy transportation.
  4. 35mm Insert:

    • Compatible with a 35mm insert for various audio equipment.

Adjustable Speaker Stand Specification:

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Metal
  • Adjustability: 40 to 72 inches

Package Includes:

  • 2x Speaker Stand
  • 2x Stylish Bag (because even stands need to travel in style)

Ready to elevate your sound? Grab your Adjustable Speaker Stands now and let your music reach new heights! After all, your sound deserves the best support in the business.

2 PA Speaker Stands Adjusta...

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