These two PA speaker wall mount stands are fully adjustable in every way—up, down, left, right, and in depth— allowing you to have total control of your PA speaker positioning. Features a rectangular tubing and a load capacity of up to 180 lb. It includes adapter sleeves that provide universal support for most standard speaker cabinet mounting sockets. PA tripod stands takes precious floor space. Standard studio speaker stands have tripod legs that extend out taking up a large footprint. The audio wall mount speaker holder stands will help you free up all the space you need and, due to their innovative cable ring feature, they will keep your cords straight! The 35mm speaker pole mounts are the same on all standard PA speaker stands or speaker monitor stands.  adjust them in a variety of positions, thanks to their useful 3 horizontal level tilt adjustments; the 90-degree flat level, the 105-degree second level tilting down and the 120-degree final level tilting down!

They can offer superb sound quality for home theaters, music bands, recording studios, DJs, stage performers, churches, schools, theatrical teams, and many more! When it comes to our sound accessories, we at Griffin make a point of using nothing but the best quality heavy-duty stainless steel, state-of-the-art production processes, and extremely strict quality controls, so that we can make sure that they will last you a lifetime of use!