This sturdy saddle drum seat for drummers comes with a comfortable 3-inch padded seat measuring 16 by 14 inches in diameter and double-braced, chrome plated legs. From 20 inches minimum to 25 inches maximum (from floor to top of seat), find the personalized height you desire. 

Don’t compromise your performance with a low quality, uncomfortable drum throne that strains your back and shoulders. Whether for the stage, studio, or for practice, this is a saddle seat for drummers with a thickly padded, 3-inch seat that will easily hold up to 315 pounds, offering unhindered mobility and unparalleled flexibility to help you play even the most difficult passages with ease and confidence.

Featuring an adjustable height mechanism and a heavy duty, metal post mounting bracket, this comfortable drum throne stand is designed to cater for the changing needs of any drummer. Just spin up or down to raise or lower seat for a more precise height. Simply spin the seat to raise or lower the height from 20 inches min to 25 inches max (from floor to top of seat). Its adjustable height also allows one to use as a preferred guitar chair.