The piano bench is often one of the most overlooked parts of buying an acoustic or digital piano.
... A piano bench is essentially the 'driver's seat' for all of the intricate movements during playing, pedaling and will impact the overall comfort of your piano playing experience. 

Not only is the bench more comfortable, it’s height is adjustable which is extremely important. Sitting at the correct height while playing the piano can have a profound effect upon your playing.

That’s why the Griffin Genuine Leather Adjustable piano bench is here to help you relax and enjoy yourself. It is designed with great attention to detail, you can rest assured that our elite piano synthetic leather bench will become your most trustworthy companion when playing your music. In addition, the seat swings open to reveal a storage compartment for sheet music and books, and bracket locks hold the seat in the fully open position.

We encourage all of you to take your benches seriously and think about whether or not the bench you are currently using is right for you. It’s very important that you find a bench that is both comfortable and functional as you play the piano.

piano bench