Dynamic microphone
Overall a dynamic microphone is a sturdier and more reliable microphone option for those who play live, record their vocals or guitars at high levels and swing their microphones around due to the fact that if you drop it, it'll be ok. Also, dynamic microphones does not need a power supply for it to work. It is also an all around microphone which can be used for vocals, drums, as well as guitar amp, it is versatile.


Frequency response
The frequencies of a microphone range from low to high and are measured in hertz. Don't buy your mic without testing its performance because some are suitable for certain vocal pitches only.

Tips on choosing the right microphone
1. When it comes to Microphone Price – More Expensive isn't Always Better.
The best microphone voice for you voice won’t necessarily be the most expensive one on the market
remember the best microphone is the one that is affordable and get its job done.

2. Testing a microphone with your voice is a key
Borrow your friends microphone or in a music stores to test them out what’s good for you.

3. Determine usability
The best microphone is one that you can use with the fewest technical problems