What is a drum kit? What composes drum kit? In this, will help you figure out what you need.

A drum kit, may sometime be called a drum set, a collection of drums and other percussion instruments, mostly cymbals, which set up in a way a drummer or player can be played by a single player with the use of drumsticks held on both hands, with feet operating the pedals, may it be a beater for the bass drum or a hi-hat cymbal controller.

A standard modern kit (for a right-handed player), as used in popular music contains the following:

A snare drum, mounted on a snare stand, placed between the player's knees and played with drum sticks
A bass drum, played by a pedal operated by the right foot, which moves a felt-covered beater
One or more toms, played with sticks or brushes (usually three toms: rack tom 1 and 2, and floor tom)
A hi-hat (two cymbals mounted on a stand), played with the sticks, opened and closed with left foot pedal (it can also produce sound with the foot alone)
One or more cymbals, mounted on stands, played with the sticks
The composition of a drum kit can be purchased separately or as a whole set, like the following:

Complete Drum Hardware Pack 6 Piece Set by Griffin