Drum Kit or Drum Set - set of drums, cymbals, and other percussion instruments, used with drumsticks in popular music. The most basic components are a foot-operated bass drum, a snare drum, a suspended cymbal, and one or more tom-toms, it can be played by a single player with feet operating the pedals, may it be a beater for the bass drum or a hi-hat cymbal controller.

Buy all your drum hardware in bulk with this 6-piece set hardware package of Griffin TS series drum hardware products! Other fantastic features of these items include rubber tipped feet on all STANDS and padded drum throne stool to prevent slippage and help hold the stand nicely in place on the floor. It’s a SLIP PROOF.

It can pack up easily, lightweight and portable, each piece conveniently folds up into a space-saving package for easy transport and light travel.


Sturdy and durable, this premium quality Griffin snare drum stand promises outstanding durability that handles daily abuse without falling apart.
Griffin's full-size six (6) piece drum hardware set comes with the following:
• Snare Drum Stand model# S80
• Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand model# H80
• Single Kick Drum Pedal model# P200
• Straight Cymbal Stand model# C80
• Cymbal Boom Stand model# B80
• Drum Throne Stool model# T100.