The Griffin Double Kick Drum Pedal is one of the most heavy-duty double kick pedals sold today. The top-quality double chain action provides for some of the smoothest drum action any drummer could hope for with their bass double pedal. This double pedal for a bass drum is not only sold with a drum key, but offers so many other quality features

The operation of pedals is more urate and stable and has better toughness and smoothness, The pedal is designed with anti-skid to prevent it from falling off in the process of trampling and make it more stable. Having a fully adjustable power cam system accelerates the beater speed, and the double cam plates enhance the life of the pedal as well as provide an intensely solid feel while the double kick drum pedal also sports a double locking spring tension rod that assures your personal tension settings never change while playing.
A must-have drum bass pedal for jazz, rock, and metal players as well as aspiring double-pedallers, this heavy-duty, all-metal drum foot pedal offers an incredibly smooth drum action, making it most drummers’ #1 favorite today.

double bass pedal