The most important thing to ask yourself when choosing a microphone is how you plan to use it. Will you be using it onstage for vocals or to mic an instrument? Is it intended for home-studio recording? Or are you looking for something that can perform well in either situation?

Boasting a live, full-range response and a deep bass, this pack of 6 cardioid dynamic microphones offer a smooth and natural sound and will work perfectly for any live music performance: from peaceful parties and jazz clubs to karaoke singing, vocals, recording, podcasting and loud stages. Their unidirectional design makes them sensitive to sound from one direction only and promises a high level of GBF (gain before feedback). These professional handheld microphones feature aluminum alloy voice coils have exceptional mid-range pickup, offering an unmatched level of clarity and detail in your voice.

These hand-held cardioid vocal dynamic microphones are designed with the vocalist in mind. Great for live sound or studio recording, Fat Toad Unidirectional Dynamic Vocal Microphones have a full-range response with punchy bass. The unidirectional, cardioid design allows for sound sensitivity from only one direction giving them a high gain before feedback (GBF) and helping to prevent that annoying high-pitched squeal people hate to hear. This vocal dynamic mic also features aluminum alloy voice coils for exceptional mid-range (frequency 50 Hz to 16 kHz) pickup, with warm tone characteristics and high-fidelity for a nice tonal definition with little to no distortion. Topping off this hand-held cardioid microphone is a tough, shockproof grill for great element protection and maximum performance.

6 Packs Cardioid Vocal Microphones with XLR Cable by Fat Toad

The 6-XLR microphone cable measures twenty (20) feet long and has a XLR male connector on one end and a XLR female connector on the other end. All XLR Microphone Cable features a 12-strand copper conductor, and all of the XLR mic cable's copper wiring is oxygen-free 20 AWG (American Wire Gauge). A 64-strand of braided copper coated aluminum shielding provides excellent shielding with optimal reduction of any electrostatic hum. The Fat Toad XLR Microphone Cable has a super low signal resistance. This provides a powerful, clean signal while at the same time offering great flexibility.

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