This studio equipment rack stand with casters is perfect for today’s modern musician. The bottom rackmount features 9 vertical space mounts and the top platform rackmount supplies 10 space mounts. This can also accommodate mixers that are over-sized for a standard rackmount case and/or not rack-mountable. The maximum recommended mixer size is 36" wide by 27" long by 3" deep. The knobs on each side of the top platform will allow the user to adjust the angle of the top rack-mountable mixer platform; it can be adjusted to a level surface or to a slanted angle for easier visibility.

Store all your outboard gear, amplifiers, or signal processors and keep them within easy reach of your auto locator or studio mixer with the help of this heavy-duty, all-steel, 19 spaces rolling rack mount stand. To help you hold your expensive equipment safely in place, we have included two rail strip pads that you can easily apply on the top platform. Together with the metal lips located at the end of each platform arm, they will prevent your mixer from sliding down. Specs: Height: 32 inches (when top platform is level) to 37.5 inches (when slanted at max angle). Depth: 19.75 inches Width: 24.75 inches. The bottom rack-mount features nine (9) space vertical, American standard-sized rack mount holes that will easily fit all standard studio rack gear. Included in the pack, you will also find a set of 20 rack screws (Rackmount screw size is the standard 12-24 thread size). The beautiful black finish gives this DJ standing display case a professional look that is hard to beat.